Monday, February 28, 2011

Tricks and trickery

The humans call it training but any dog worth his bark knows better. Bribery is what it is. We give them what they want in return for a little reward.

It's a system that usually works very well. As I have written here previously, I have been handsomely paid in dog biscuits for doing things I like but waiting for Mum to tell me to do it first.

As with so much in life, however, given enough ointment, there has to be a fly. Mum and I are going to try to be a Pets as Therapy team. This means I will be going to visit children and other people with Mum and they will (of course !!) be delighted to see me.

First, though, I have to do some training. Now I am well and truly puzzled at this. It is my experience that everyone is delighted to see me wherever I go, so why I suddenly have to learn things in order to meet people I'm sure I don't know.

I have to bark less. I have to stay and sit and not jump up. Oh yes and bark less. Mum is looking forward to taking me to school when I have learned all of this. I already know how to do all of these things but I have to prove it now. With generous treat bonuses.

I still like to bark though and I am prepared to throw in a few free barks fairly regularly without biscuit payment.

But here is the thing. I thought children went to school to learn things. Yet I am the one getting lessons and having to do all this work.

 It's a case of sitting up and paying attention. But I don't really mind. I'm the teacher's pet.

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  1. Yes but! If your all good then you get more greetings and cuddles! :D