Friday, November 18, 2011

Dog day afternoons

I don’t mind sharing. Mostly. Yet schnauzer space is sometimes too good to surrender. I mean, here I am after a hard day. 

I had to bark at numerous cyclists. I had to make a full circuit of the park. I eventually found that tennis ball I lost ages ago.

That is as well as keeping the humans entertained. They need me to look up balefully at them at regular intervals, just so they know that do, really, really do want a piece of their toast, or biscuit or burger or whatever. I’m not a fussy eater.

They also need me to tug on their trouser legs when they are going downstairs as otherwise the descent would be too rapid. They need me to hunt out discarded shoes, making sweeps of the area as often as I can as those shoes can hide very well and are quite sneaky about this.

So, I do all this and all I ask is to catch forty winks uninterrupted and what happens? They want to share the couch space. All of the floor space that’s empty, all of those tall chairs I never bother to sit on and they want to muscle in on my couch to watch the square thing in the corner. 

Well, paws off. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Return of the Schnauzer

Deep question to ask. Why is it when humans are busy, it’s the schnauzer who suffers? Well, suffer might be too strong a word. But losing my surfing time is a big deal. I have fans, you know!

So I have been unable to write for a while and it’s all because Mum has been hectic with work. So do I get a sniff of the laptop? No. 

And it’s not like I haven’t been busy. I have had birds to chase out of the garden, a long term that I remain utterly committed to. 

I have managed to demolish a dread enemy, a feat that brought great sobs from my grateful Dad. That running shoe must have been as much of a pain to him as it was to me, because after I had made smithereens of it, all he could say was “Isaac I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it”. Never underestimate the schnauzer, I thought.

I visited my neighbour a few times. I feel this is an important exercise. She has recently acquired a new friend, a fiesty little terrier names Sasha. I have to closely monitor this situation so that Sasha knows that the real love of her new owner’s life is me. Always was and always will be. She can just live there but I remain the king of hearts.

So, it’s been busy for me too and it’s good to be back!