Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Park it!

I thought that one of the greatest of life's sadnesses was that snow melts. I mean, one day, you step outside and there is this white stuff just made for jumping in and barking at. I even chewed some.

Then, another day, out you go and it's gone. Nobody tells you it's coming and nobody tells you it's going. So, just when I thought walks might never be as much fun again, I got to go to the park. It's been off limits (not by my choosing) for a while as the grass has been too wet. This is not a problem for schnauzers. I repeat for the record, wet grass is not a problem for schnauzers. Wet paws do seem to trouble the humans though. Woof to that!

Today, though, the humans found the grass paw friendly. Because it's springtime. Well I did spring and run and jump and leap and lots of other fun things.

However, here I am tummy testing the grass and giving my Wubba a rest.
They may have took away the snow but I'm staying on the grass!

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