Monday, February 21, 2011

Training the humans

I have discovered how simple it is to relieve the humans of especially nice treats. It is so effortless, I almost feel guilty about it. Almost but not quite!

Listen to this. If I pretend to learn stuff I already know how to do, they make a big fuss of me and biscuits, chewys, all kinds of yummy stuff come my way.

I mean I have always known how to sit down. I'm very good at it too, especially if the couch is free. But if I make out that I have just learned the art of it just as Mum says "Sit", out comes the treats and she seems to think it's an amazing feat of genius.

I'm all for keeping them happy so I am delighted to oblige with as much of this as there are biscuits in the box. If I wish to part the human from some tasty morsel, all I have to do is pretend to have learned how to sit, how to lie down, how to run back to Mum in the park and every time, they are fooled! I have them almost completely trained.

Sometimes being a schnauzer is just too easy.

"Sit Isaac"..... like taking a chew toy from a puppy!


  1. Haha - you certainly are a very smart pup :P

  2. Good advice! So all I have to do now is... "Fetch the toy, Muffin!" and run to the toy and instead of running away with it like I usually do, I just have to drop the toy in front of Mum. Oooh, look... biscuits are on the way.....