Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sun, sea and schnauzer

The other day, Mum bundled me into the metal thing, the one with the magic doors. I get in, they close and my house is there. They open, I get out and instead of my house there is a nice wood to walk in or a beach to play on.

This time, it was a beach. I cannot emphasis enough what fun can be had on a beach. The top three activities are as follows; 3. Running after birds. This is in third place as the birds will always try to fly away and succeed. 2. Digging. There is so much lovely soft sand that just about any old spot on the beach is good for this. 1. Getting sand in your fur and freaking out the humans. This one is top of the list as it works every time. It also endures long after you have left the beach. Possibly even to the next day if you amass enough of it!

However, for the inexperienced out there, I can provide a few safety tips. First of all, never drink the water. There is an awful lot of it but it must be there a long time because it tastes dreadful. Clearly not out of a bottle.

It is easy to lose sight of the humans if you run of leash. This freaks them out more than the sand in the fur does and is a bit scary for us too.

And lastly, run on, dig in and roll over the sand but never, ever taste it. Once in the mouth and you are chewing for hours afterwards and not in a good way. You can drink lots of water and try to dislodge it by licking the humans but bits of it are staying on your tongue no matter what.

See, that's a grainless grin!


  1. Yes you are wise about the beach Isaac. I love it there, but when I get home......there is always a B-A-T-H!!!!!!! Yucccch! You just gotta learn to take the good with the bad I guess.

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

  2. Hi Isaac - great tips there for visiting the beach, We'll be sure and tell HER to read it, we've only been taken to the beach ONCE! Just because Louis insists on running and piggy squealing at every dog, and I like to go and investigate what people have in their picnics, I ask you ;-) Have fun! Dexter & Louis

  3. Hi Isaac, jusrt calling back to say have a lovely weekend whatever you get up to :-) Dex & Lou x

  4. Hi Isaac - just found your blog and enjoying reading your adventures. I have never been to a beach but I hope I will go one day. My brother Kaska went to a beach in Ireland a few years ago and said it was wonderful - he's older than me and has travelled all over. My humans have relatives from Ireland so maybe I will get to visit some day. Love from Magic x