Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Flower Power

The humans do get in your way sometimes. Schnauzer paws are busy and it's hard to have time to keep up with everything I have to do.

Here's a fine example. Just the other day, we were visiting Dad's Mum. So, I was having a good look around her big garden, sniffing the trees and gosh what a lot of them there were. Quite a bit of work involved there getting my scent on all of them.

My good work was interrupted just as I found some nice green things someone had kindly put in lovely clay for me to dig out. I had hardly started this enterprise when Mum decides to point the clicky thing at me again.

Not happy to have me stand still (how I managed to contain myself, I still don't know. Sometimes I surprise even myself), Mum decided that I needed further enhancement. And tried to add a flower badge on to my collar.

The clicky thing sounded pretty fast, just before I gave a good shake to launch the badge up over my head. Mum was fast with the clicky sound but not before I started thinking how daft this idea was.

Mum said it was for spring. So I sprung and the flower thing was gone. But not forgotten.


  1. Ahh, you look so sexy with that beautiful flower Isaac! (:

  2. Hahaha...Isaac, you don't look quite happy there with that flower thing!

  3. Aaaw Isaac, what do our humans keep doing these things to us? We find the shake and roll manoeuvre can dislodge such items but I'm afraid they'll keep doing it my friend, they just can't help themselves! Dex & Lou x