Monday, September 12, 2011

A boy's best friend

There are all kinds of friends out there. New friends I haven't met yet but have barked at by way of a preliminary introduction. Friends who are always good for a game of chase. Human friends who think the finest thing to do in the world (and correctly so) is to rub my coat, tickle my tummy or feed me treats.

Then there are the other kind of friends. The inanimate ones. They squeak, they never mind you chewing them, they roll around so you can chase them and they don't mind when the humans toss them because of course, I will always retrieve them.

Unlike human friends, these ones never want to go off and sleep, watch the square box, go to work and leave me waiting on them, yes there is a lot to be said for faithful friends.

Now if only they wouldn't fall apart just when you start to get used to them, they'd be downright perfect.


  1. Ahh, I bet you absolutely love those friends then! How adorable, your looking very handsome in your photo there Isaac. (:

  2. Hi Isaac! Yes I have a box of those friends too. You are so right. My fav friends are the treat giving ones though!!

    Your nose looks all better, that's good.

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

  3. Lovely picture of you with your squeaky friend Isaac. I have a box of those friends too but I think I agree with Rubie that the treat giving friends are best of all :-) love from Magic x

  4. Hi Isaac - treat giving friends have to be top of the list but the box variety are very useful for a rainy afternoon :-) Dex and Lou xxx