Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Schnauzer Navigation

My poor humans have to go to a lot of effort to compensate for all the things they don’t have that we dogs take for granted.

It takes lots of words for them to communicate what we can get across with just one wag of the tail.

They have to pile on clothes in the winter just to keep warm, poor things, we just give our coats a shake and we’re ready for the snow!

However, the greatest lengths humans go to just to match our canine cleverness is in seeking directions. They go on a journey and they need books of maps. Many stops to ask directions from random strangers and of course the little speaking invisible woman in the car. 

She speaks to them from behind a screen, saying thing like take the next left and go straight for 10 kilometres. All gobbledegook to me. And to my humans too, it seems because that device has never yet brought us to where we intended to be.

All of these books and gadgets are to make up for the fact that the humans don’t know how to follow their noses. We have a built in guidance system that never fails.

Just follow me.


  1. You are so right Isaac. The other day me and my brother Alfie Crybbe were taken for a walk by one of our humans and they thought they knew where they were going - but did they listen when we said it was wrong? An hour later we managed to get on the right path - we could have been there in minutes if we had been the leaders :-) love from Magic x

  2. LOL- so true. Noses work so well for seeking out food too- the humans would never even notice that half eaten sandwich in the bushes- waste!

  3. I love leading them to new adventures too - and it's a bonus if the trip ends with finding FOOD! Humans are so behind in sniffing out foodables, when we can find it by following our noses.

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie.